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Make contact in English

To improve general and specific English skills related to performance in an international environment.

About the course

This is a custom made course in professional English plus more. The course will give you a chance to increase your confidence and fluency in English. Apart from improving your general and professional English knowledge, you will practice performance skills in the context of describing, discussing and presenting your work and current projects.

For whom

Busy professionals within industry, banking and other business sectors who use English today or see a future need.  At the end of the course we will also help you to map out your needs and we will suggest a study programme going forward. MPL also provides distance support and courses in Cambridge.


Mark Perkins, owner, MPL International Ltd, Cambridge. Mark Perkins has many years of experience training professionals, managers and technical experts in both the private and public sectors in Sweden and Finland. His company is approved by the European Parliament and he trains the elected members. Regarding his other companies, Mark also has experience of making deals in the UK aqnd North America which he is able to exploit in MPL courses.

“I am interested in people and their needs. I have trained people from top bankers to pulp and paper specialists, from politicians to HR managers. Every course is different, and I look forward to my courses in Eskebohl!” Mark. 


On www.eskebohl.se you will find the heading “courses” where you can come in contact with MPL International Limited for further information and reservation.

In case of a “no-show” or lack of substitute two weeks before the beginning of the course, the whole fee will be charged.


Eskebohl, Main House.


For further information about the course contact MPL International Limited. (Telephone +44 7913 015458, mark.perkins@mplnews.co.uk). For practical information contact Eskebohl via homepage or tfn 0554 159 00

Course content to be decided in cooperation with MPL and Mark Perkins.

A typical course may include English terminology, concepts and performance in the following areas:

Business and Finance

  • Organisation; structures, job functions, HR language.
  • Finance: from bank loans to equity.
  • Budgets, control and tax.
  • Financial statements: balance sheet, revenue statement.
  • Sales and marketing terms.
  • Sector terminology: such as banking, pulp and paper, and production.
  • Describing product and process.


  • Explanation and practice of terminology.
  • High-level discussion: putting across your point.
  • Presentation and negotiation practice.

General English

  • Grammer review.
  • Expension of vocabulary (idioms, word fields), Pronunciation points.
  • Social English.


  • Botkyrka kommun.
  • Alingsås Energi.
  • Sandvik SMS.
  • SKF Competence Centre.
  • Nordea Corporate Division (Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden).
  • Nordea Markets.
  • Nordea Credit.
  • Santander Consumer Finance, Oslo.
  • The European Parliament.
  • Various Members of Parliament.
  • Former Prime Minister of Finland.